What you type What you get Description
{w} Light symbol
{r} Fire symbol
{u} Water symbol
{g} Wind symbol
{b} Darkness symbol
{no} (None) symbol
{m} Moon symbol
{t} Will of Time symbol
{2}, {x} 2, x Free will symbol. You can type any number and even "x" between { and }
{rest} Rest symbol
=> Automatic ability arrow
Ability 1<hr>Ability 2 Ability 1

Ability 2
Go to newline (separates abilities)
&lt;Some named ability&gt; <Some named ability> Simple angle brackets must be escaped
[(Sealed)], <<Sealed>> 【Sealed】, 〈Sealed〉 Sealed ability symbols
[Enter] Enter Old ability style (deprecated since Lapis Cluster)
[_Enter_] Enter New ability style. All cards use this style since Lapis Cluster
[Break] Break ability<hr>Other text... Break Break ability

Other text...
Old [Break] ability (deprecated since Grimm Cluster)
Some -errata-changed-/errata- text Some changed text A card text that was corrected via an official errata

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