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Shining Heart, Scorching Hero
Illusionary Mermaid
Exorcist Mage at the Academy
Cook at the Academy
Academy Guard of Lykeion
Waterfront Frog
Student at the Academy
Gravekeeper at the Academy
Summoning Art of Magna
The Road to the Princess of Love
Pier, the Godspeed Archer
Masked Prince
Brunhild's Wrath
Huge Toad
Jiraiya, the Toad User
Lich, the Resurrected Cleric
March Hare of Valhalla
Huge Toad
Jiraiya, the Toad User
Brunhild's Wrath
Cecil and Tia
Dr. Jekyll
Ms. Hyde
Ayu's Pictorial Scroll
Crier Mermaid