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Guinevere, the Mobility Queen
Naughty Child's Chastising
Fierica, Honorable Thief
Fierica's Expedition
Jewel Aura
Light Majin
Magic Crest of Light
Treasure Hunter Fierica
Treasure Hunter Fierica [J-ruler]
Pricia, Ready for the Final Battle
Pricia, True Beastmaster
Reincarnated Maiden of Flame, Pricia
Pricia, Wild Child
The Beast Queen's Counterattack
Grusbalesta, Magic Stone Researcher
Invading Demon of Water, Valentina
Valentina, Released Terror
Mermaid of Neverland
Hades, Lord of the Dead
Slayer of the Overlord, Pricia
Possessor Princess of Love, Valentina
Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flame
Hymnal's Memoria
Pricia, Beast Queen in Hiding
The Beast Queen's Counterattack