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Alseid, the Harvester
Believer Blinded by Faith
Crawler Zombie
Diabolos, Sealed God of Madness
Diabolos' Kin
Fallen Angel of Madness
Fallen Angel of the Ritual
Fallen to Madness
Freed from the Altar
Graveyard Scavenger
Harvesting Season
Lailah, Maiden of the Swamps
Laurier, Dark Corpse Sorceress
Laurier's Experiment
Mana Transmuter
Oborozuki, Caller of Gods
Perfect Matrix
Roar of Diabolos
Sacrificial Altar
Amon, Conspirer of Atrocities
Astema, the Returnee of Hatred
Athenia, Sealed God of the Ruins
Black-Eyed Angel
Caspiel, the Fallen Angel of Rebellion