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Grusbalesta [J-ruler]
Azathoth, Manifestation of Death
Nyarlathotep, Bringer of War
Wolfgang, Exiled Demon Prince
Oborozuki, Star Sword Visionary [J-ruler]
Abhorrent Revival
Arm of the Demon
Bone Dragon
Darkness Servant of Ragnarok
Frightened Villager
Gravekeeper at the Academy
Interdimensional Graveyard
Isolated Demon of Revenge
Lonely Vampire
Lord of the Undead
Deadly Dive
Magic Crest of Darkness
Mikage Seijuro, Interdimensional Messenger
Mikage Seijuro, Interdimensional Messenger [J-ruler]
Ominous Moon, the Lunar Sword
Reaper Knight
Endless Night [Alternative]
The Battle Comes to an End, and Then...
The Elegant Mikage Sisters