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Acolyte of Shiva
Bastet, Creator of Cats
Berserker Chamimi
Caith Sith
Calico Cat Shikigami
Chant of Tranquility
Chiyome, the Captivating Kunoichi
Forest Meditation
Fuhma Shuriken
Huge Toad
Jiraiya, the Toad User
Pygmy Hippo
Relief through Destruction
Snipe Away Mi-!!
Soot Sprite
The Hundred Eyed One
Trou, Giant of Destruction
Whirlwind Technique
Athenia, Deity of Harvest and Corruption
Deus Ex Machina, God of Machines
Kaguya, Sealed God of the Moon
Shiva, God of Destruction
200 IQ
Algernon, Mouse of Intellect
Barrier Castle