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Alisaris, Minion of Lapis
Reflect's Rushing In
Sylvia's Burning Flame
The Road to the Flame King
Attack Stance
Sylvia, Minion of Lapis
The Final Stance
The Origin of the Seven Lands
Vell-Savaria, Field of the Final Battle
Crime and Punishment
Gatekeeper of Vell-Savaria
Red Illusionary Dragon of Passion
Red Illusionary Hero
Reflect's Summoning
Shuren, the King of Supremacy (Stranger)
Snow White, the Valkyrie of Passion
Spirit of Passion
Ushuah, the Flame Samurai Swordman (Stranger)
Between Passion and Calmness
Butterfly Effect
Change the Heart
Milcell, the Clairvoyant Guide
Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flame
Resistance of the Twelve Protective Deities