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Groundsplitter Rabbit
Split Heaven and Earth [Alternative]
Agni, the Pyre War God (Stranger)
Alisaris, Minion of Lapis
Athena, Titan of Revenge
Blaze Tornado
Hino Kagutsuchino Mikoto, the Flaming God of Fate (Stranger)
Magical Arrow
Ouroboros, the Snake of Reincarnation
Phoenix, the Flame of the World
Reflect's Rushing In
Swordsmaster of Exploding Flame
Sylvia's Burning Flame
The Road to the Flame King
Attack Stance
Disappearing Power
Exorcist of Certo
Fafnir (Stranger)
Mad Pyromancer
Magician of Vell-Savaria
Sylvia, Minion of Lapis
The Final Stance
The Origin of the Seven Lands
Vell-Savaria, Field of the Final Battle