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Kanna, Descendent of the Oracle
Kanna's Attendant
Mind Like Still Water
Nyarlathotep, the Return of Chaos
Shu, Ruler of Air
Spiral of Chaos
All Under Heaven Shall Perish
Annihilation Dragon
Frontline Warrior
Gaze of the Fire Emperor
Ladies of the Three Stars
Lady Huang's Karakuri Soldier
Ma'at, Arbiter of Judgment
Neo-Berserk Dragon
Numbing Hedgehog
Ruins Beneath the Sands
Sand Awakening
Sand Soldier
Sandora's Invasion
Scales of the Ascendant
Searing Wall of Sand
Sima Hui, the Crafty Tactician
Surtr, the Sand Giant
The Three Kingdoms Partition Plan
Underhanded Assassin