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Rain of Light [Alternative]
Moojdart [J-ruler]
Azathoth, Manifestation of Death
Wolfgang, Exiled Demon Prince
Yog-Sothoth, True Hunger
Academy Guard of Lykeion
Appraisal of Treasures
Chelina, Sorceress of Sending Back
Send Back [Alternative]
Crown of the Ancient King
Endless Purse
Insatiable Desire For Treasure
Jewel of the Panda King
Kiki, Selesta's Partner
Kiki's Exploration
Magic Crest of Water
Mermaid's Thunder Parasol
Mirage, Fantasy Guide
Foresee [Alternative]
Selesta, Tresure Hunter
Selest, Treasure Hunter [J-ruler]
Skycover Squirrel
The Hidden History -
The Library of Lykeion