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Rain of Light [Alternative]
A Duet of Water
Cinderella, Freed from the Ashes
Rampaging Pumpkin Carriage
Fairy Tale Rabbit
Fiola, Spirit of Oblivion
Fountain of the Oblivion Moon
Illusionary Flower of Sorrow
Illusionary Mermaid
Illusionary Snow
Moojdart [J-ruler]
Neverend, Fairy Tale Dragon
Neverend's Roar
Purplemist, the Fantasy Dragon [Alternative]
Moon Incarnation [Alternative]
Spirit of Knowledge
The Awakening of Moojdart
Three-Eyed Fortune Teller
A Sacrifice of Words and Memories
Azathoth, Manifestation of Death
Deeper Ones
Hastur, Messenger of Madness
Minphia, Storytelling Girl
Necronomicon, Book of Outer World