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A Present from Machina
All Consuming Suspicion
Buster Rifle
Caller of Gorgons
Euryale, the Dark Eye of Blindness
Gear Golem, the Magical Soldier (Stranger)
Leginus, the City of Science
Linked Battle Robot
Medusa, the Dead Eye of Petrification
Mirage Golem (Stranger)
Shangri-La, the Paradise on the Ocean
Shion, the Sorrowful Songstress
Stheno, the Evil Eye of Temptation
Suppression Order
The Betrayer Returns
Twin Robots
Ultimate Shield
Underwater Robot
Xuan Wu, the Sacred Beast
Aura of the Sacred Sword
Awakening of Ambition
Chronos, the Master of Labyrinth (Stranger)
Communication Robot
Forbidden Summoning