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200 IQ
Algernon, Mouse of Intellect
Barrier Castle
Dog Shikigami
Gunpowder Barrel
Hunting Party
Kukunochi, the Shikigami
Kukunochi's Dance
Marine Beast of the Lost Isles
Mimi Tribe Logger
Monkey Shikigami
Nature's Beauty
Rikugou, the Tree Shikigami
Scroll Transporter
Seimei, the Shikigami User
Shikigami Summoning
Three Beast Conference
Three Beast Warrior, Eaglemi
Three Beast Warrior, Molemi
Three Beast Warrior, Tigermi
Arwyn, Sealed God of Evergreen
Ancient Ruins Researcher
Bullet Ball Thunder Clap
Bunbuku, the Legendary Tea Kettle
Chamimi's Contemplation