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Remilla, the Librarian of Magna
Bastet, Creator of Cats
Caith Sith
Calico Cat Shikigami
Chiyome, the Captivating Kunoichi
Jiraiya, the Toad User
Kukunochi, the Shikigami
Scroll Transporter
Seimei, the Shikigami User
Parallel World Schrödinger
Ninja Students
Rikyu, Cat Tongued Tea Master
Seimei's Disciple
Tsunade, Brawny Cat Ninja
Cat Ninja Scout
Jubei, the One-Eyed Swordsmaster
Kotaro, Ninja of the Wind
Chiyome, the Captivating Kunoichi
Hanzo, Chief of the Kouga
Jiraiya, the Toad User
White Cat of Sasaru Palace
Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind
Familiar of Holy Wind
Puss in Boots