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Atomic Bahamut
Guardian Dragon of the Kingdom
Gullwing, Dragon Spirit
Neverend, Fairy Tale Dragon
Purplemist, the Fantasy Dragon [Alternative]
Star Dragon
Twinkling Dragon
Chasing Dragon
Hunting Dragon
Wise Dragon
Magical Dragon
Bone Dragon
Ragnarok, Invading Dragon Lord
Amphisbaena, the Two-Headed Dragon (Stranger)
Fafnir (Stranger)
Red Illusionary Dragon of Passion
Blue Illusionary Dragon of Calmness
Wounded Black Dragon
El Chifón, the Pet Dragon of the Lord of the Seas
Gwiber, the White Dragon
Berserk Dragon (Stranger)
Draig, the Red Dragon
Whelp Drake
Rahab, the Emperor Dragon of Riptide (Stranger)
Darkest Fire Small Dragon