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Angrboda, Giant of the Setting Sun
Surtr, the Explosion Giant
Bergelmir, Giant of Eternal Ice
Trou, Giant of Destruction
Utgarda Loki, Giant of Darkness
Surtr, the Sand Giant
Giant of Mist
Vafthruthnir, Giant Wiseman
Angrboda, the Sunset Giant
Eletos, the Granite Giant
Surtr, the Incinerating Giant
Bogallo, the Lava Giant
Bergelmir, the Giant of Absolute Coldness
Sva, the Giant of the Sea Trench
Trou, the Giant of the Fairie's Stronghold
Troll, the Raging Giant
Utgarda Loki, the Skeletal Giant
Cyclops, the One-eyed Giant
Vafthruthnir, the Frost Giant