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Brad, Immortal Sage
Brad, Immortal Sage [J-ruler]
Guardian Wizard
Three-Eyed Fortune Teller
Welser, Master of the Six Sages
Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness [Alternative]
Extraction Wizard
Student at the Institute
Exorcist Mage at the Academy
Silmeria, Summoer of Spirits
Academy Guard of Lykeion
Altesing, Mischievous Boy
Elixir, Crest Researcher
Perpetual Student at the Academy
Student at the Academy
Welser, the Progenitor of Magic
Welser, the Progenitor of Magic [J-ruler]
Gravekeeper at the Academy
Wizard of Vell-Savaria
Gentleman Lightning Caller
Magician of Outland
Exorcist of Certo
Faithless Summoner
Magician of Vell-Savaria
Black Wizard (Stranger)