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Black Wizard (Stranger)
Milcell, the Clairvoyant Guide
Caller of Gorgons
Royal Palace Guardian Mage, Freya (Stranger)
Blue Wizard (Stranger)
Green Wizard (Stranger)
Remilla, the Librarian of Magna
White Wizard (Stranger)
Red Wizard (Stranger)
Chronos' Envoy
Freya, Royal Palace Contraption Mage
Lailah, Maiden of the Swamps
Laurier, Dark Corpse Sorceress
Corpse Sorcerer
Minister of Grief
Welser, the Archmage of Fire
Analyst of the Ocean Floors, Alisaris
Laurite's Seven Disciples
Gill Alhama'at, He Who Controls the Taboo
Gill Alhama'at, Treasonous Emperor
Puppet Maker
Welser, the Archmage
Charlotte, Last Hope of Attoractia
Luna's Attendant