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Balder, Light God of the White Heaven
Tyr, the Brave War God
Aegir, the Sea God of the Tempest
Princess of Dragon Palace
Tethys, the Wise Goddess
Frigg, the Goddess of Abundance
Frey, the Noble God of Sunshine
Hermod, Nether God of the Dark Heaven
Freya, Goddess of the full moon
Odin, the Ruling God
Ishtar, the Great Goddess of Kindness
Gilgamesh, the Tyrant of the Hunt
Enkidu, the Sworn Friend
Poseidon, the Great Emperor God of Oceans
Abzu, the Water God of Truth
Artemis, the Goddess of Hunt
Orion, the Celestial Hegemon
Loki, the Ancient Demon Lord
Morrigan, the Goddess of Tragic Love
Osiris, the Nether God of King's Tomb
Orpheus, the Nether Player
Ares, the Knight God Emperor
Amaterasu, the Oracle of Sacred Text
Thor, the White Lightning
Hino Kagutsuchino Mikoto, the Flaming God of Fate