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Schrödinger, White Cat
Atomic Bahamut
Dolly, Olivia's Electric Dolphin
Witch with a Pointy Hat
Fallen Angel of Terminus
Lumia, Princess of Rebirth
Wings of Light and Darkness
God's Breath
Mariabella, Sincere Engineer
Heart-to-heart Talk
Pricia, Seeker of Friends
Pricia's Big Show
Dracula, Reborn Vampire
The Jewel of Darkness
Princess Kaguya
Flying Bamboo
Snow White of the Red Apple
Apple Avenger
Cinderella, Freed from the Ashes
Rampaging Pumpkin Carriage
Welser, Master of the Six Sages
His Last Lecture
Lilias Petal
Awakening of the Nine-Tailed Fox