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Bai Hu, the Sacred Beast
Zhu Que, the Sacred Beast
A Present from Machina
All Consuming Suspicion
Euryale, the Dark Eye of Blindness
Medusa, the Dead Eye of Petrification
Shangri-La, the Paradise on the Ocean
Stheno, the Evil Eye of Temptation
Twin Robots
Underwater Robot
Xuan Wu, the Sacred Beast
Pricia's Call to Action
Qing Long, the Sacred Beast
Ratatoskr, the Spirit Beast of Yggdrasil
Sissei, the Ancient Forest
Dance of the Shadows
Communication Robot
Clockwork Soldiers
Leginus, the Mechanical City
Machine Lab of Leginus
Mariabella's Work
Remote Control Beast
Remote Control Golem
Attoractia's Memoria