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Aramaki, An Executive of the Public Security
Armed Suit
Batou, the Ranger
Ishikawa & Motoko
Saito, the Skilled Sniper
Saito, the Sniper
Stan, the Good Helper
Tachikoma A
Tachikoma B
Togusa, in the Secret Order
Worldwide Default
Edwards Air Force Base
Home Ministry
NSA Headquarters
Prime Minister's Office
Section 9 New Headquarters
Accel, the White Gale Eagle
Apollon, the God of Light (Stranger)
Ares, the Knight God Emperor (Stranger)
Michael, the Archangel (Stranger)
Ushuah, the Flame Samurai Swordman (Stranger)
Perceval, the Flying Knight
Laurier, the Twilight Witch (Stranger)