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Delphinius, the Knight of the Sun
Apollon, the God of Light
Michael, the Archangel
Rukh, the Pure White Divine Hawk
Ushuah, the Flame Samurai Swordman
Agni, the Pyre War God
Azazel, the Blazing Charger
Regulus, the King of Volcano
Royal Palace Guardian Mage, Freya
Undine, the Spirit
Leviathan, the Tyrant of Ocean
High Tide Dancer
Deep Green Magician, Liz
Titania, the Fairy Queen
Amphisbaena, the Two-Headed Dragon
Spriggan, the Treasure Watch
Zain, the Warrior of Condemnation
Anubis, the Guardian of Throne
Astema, the Fallen Angel of Desolation
Nidhogg, the Hell Dragon