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Brunhild, Ultimate Devotee
Isis, Last of the Ascendants
Arthur, Knight King of the Final Act
Ares, Knight God Emperor of the Burial Grounds
Sapling of the Treasure Tree
Nyarlathotep, the Return of Chaos
Ushuah, the Swordsman of Eternal Flame
Freya, Royal Palace Contraption Mage
Garmheld, Half of God
Algernon, Mouse of Intellect
Seimei, the Shikigami User
Diabolos, Sealed God of Madness
Oborozuki, Caller of Gods
Arwyn, Sealed God of Evergreen
Alice, Otherworldly Visitor
Misteltein, the Pious Sword Saint
Surtr, the Sand Giant
Zhuge Liang
Guinevere, the Mobility Queen
Schrödinger, the Harlequin of Phenomena
Magellanica, the Ball Warrior
Rikyu, Cat Tongued Tea Master
Astema, the Returnee of Hatred
Athenia, Sealed God of the Ruins
Ophiel, Angel of Guidance