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Aramaki & Togusa
Batou & Motoko
Batou & Saito
Batou & Stan
Batou & Togusa
Kusanagi Motoko, Boarding Tachikoma
Kusanagi Motoko, in Formal Wear
Kusanagi Motoko, the Major
Purin Esaki, an Investigator
Purin Esaki, the Girl in Love
Togusa, the Competent Investigator
Pier, the Godspeed Archer
Red Illusionary Dragon of Passion
Blue Illusionary Dragon of Calmness
Frigg, the Goddess of Abundance (Stranger)
Mikage Reiya
A Part of True Power
Artemis, the Goddess of Hunt (Stranger)
Awakening of the Undead Lord
Awakening of the Winged Lord
Between Passion and Calmness
Change the Heart
Faurecia, the Virtuous Vampire