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Secret Duel in the Moonlight
Gear Golem, the Magical Soldier (Stranger)
Linked Battle Robot
Shion, the Sorrowful Songstress
Don't Cheat!
Secret Hot Spring of Sissei
Sprout of Treasure Tree (Stranger)
Aura of the Sacred Sword
Awakening of Ambition
Chronos, the Master of Labyrinth (Stranger)
Forbidden Summoning
Mariabella's Recycling Robot
Marybell Type Zero
Royal Palace Guardian Mage, Freya (Stranger)
Super Beast Burning Rush!
The Determination of the Machine Lord
Wanderer in the Nightmare Land
Izanami, the God of Life
Light of Sacred Spirit
Ouroboros, the Reincarnating Light Serpent
Vala, the Bewildering Mage
Astema, the Fallen Angel of Desolation (Stranger)
Alisaris, the Invader of God's City