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Dispelling Stone
Endless Starlight, the Star Sword
Exorcist Mage at the Academy
Flute, Captive Dragonoid Child
Group of Comets
Grace of the Star
Light Servant of Ragnarok
Magic Bird
Magic Crest of Light
Oborozuki, Star Sword Visionary
Oborozuki, Star Sword Visionary [J-ruler]
Pilgrim of the Star
Twinkle of the Star
Reya, Spawn of the Star
Silmeria, Summoer of Spirits
Dance of Spirits
Spirit of Light
Spirit of the Star
Star Dragon
Starlit Canopy
The Hidden History -
The Showdown with Ragnarok
Twinkling Dragon
Arle, the Seven-Tailed Fox
Arle's Flame