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Abel, Top Two of the Light Palace
Eldorado Pearlshine
Grimm and Pandora
Lars, Sacred King
Lumia, Princess of Rebirth
Wings of Light and Darkness
Cain, Top Two of the Light Palace
Kirik's Training Grounds
God's Breath
Shakti, Mercenary Queen
Sylvia Lilias
Flute, Shion's Attendant
Lunya, Master Guide
Mariabella, Sincere Engineer
Heart-to-heart Talk
Selesta's Tremendous Treasure Trove
Valentina, Owner of the Theater
Faurecia, Lady in Attoractia
Melfee, Traveling Sorceress
Pricia, Seeker of Friends
Pricia's Big Show
Rezzard, Attoractia's Leading Doctor
Yggdrasil, Top Tourist Destination
Abdul Alhazred, the Possessed