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Avalon, Illusionary Home of Knights
Bedivere, the Restorer of Souls
Gawain, the Knight of the Sun
Kai, the Resonant Knight
Perceval, the Seeker of Holy Grail
Siegfried, the Dragon Knight (Stranger)
White Wizard (Stranger)
Guinevere, the Jealous Queen
Hector de Maris, the Acolyte of Mad Demon
Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon
Perceval, the Fascinated by Holy Grail
Red Wizard (Stranger)
Regulus, the King of Volcano (Stranger)
Twin Swords of Water's Mercy (Stranger)
Undine, the Spirit (Stranger)
Amon, the Demon Prince of Conspiracy (Stranger)
Shade (Stranger)
Arthur, the King of Knights (Stranger)
Awakening of the Flame King
Awakening of the Sacred Queen
Bloody Break
Cu Chulainn, the Hero in a Far Land (Stranger)
Darkest Fire Dragon