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Arcana Collector
Brunhild's Shield
Holy Knight Burial Grounds
Kara, Valkyrie of the Red Lance
Sapling of the Treasure Tree
Kanna's Attendant
Mind Like Still Water
Shadow of Chaos
Shu, Ruler of Air
Freya, Royal Palace Contraption Mage
Freya's Transforming Cane
Guinevere's Investigation
Ruined Capital
Algernon, Mouse of Intellect
Gunpowder Barrel
Monkey Shikigami
Scroll Transporter
Three Beast Warrior, Eaglemi
Believer Blinded by Faith
Fallen Angel of the Ritual
Lailah, Maiden of the Swamps
Arwyn, Sealed God of Evergreen
Barrier of Faith
Musician of the Moon