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A Duet of Light
Chiffon, Spirit of Guidance
Guardian Wizard
Messenger from the Spirit Village
The Awakening of Almerius
A Duet of FIre
Salamander, the Spirit of Fire [Alternative]
Ghostflame [Alternative]
Shaman of the Spirit Village
Snow White's Fire Dwarves
Fiola, Spirit of Oblivion
The Awakening of Moojdart
Three-Eyed Fortune Teller
An Ancestor's Portrait
Glinda, the Fairy
Little Red, Fairy Tale of Air [Alternative]
Magic Beanstalk
The Release of the Fairy Tales
Wind Stone Shot
A Duet of Darkness
Spirit of Regret
A Sacrifice of Words and Memories
Azathoth, Manifestation of Death
Deeper Ones
Hastur, Messenger of Madness