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A Duet of Light
A Duet of FIre
Salamander, the Spirit of Fire [Alternative]
Ghostflame [Alternative]
Azathoth, Manifestation of Death
Nyarlathotep, Bringer of War
Yog-Sothoth, True Hunger
Light Servant of Ragnarok
Spirit of Light
Starlit Canopy
The Showdown with Ragnarok
Hoelle Pig [Alternative]
Food Supply [Alternative]
Lilia's Mentor
Magic Crest of Fire
Chelina, Sorceress of Sending Back
Send Back [Alternative]
Crown of the Ancient King
Insatiable Desire For Treasure
Jewel of the Panda King
Kiki, Selesta's Partner
Kiki's Exploration
Skycover Squirrel
The Library of Lykeion
Elixir's Love