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Tinker Bell, the Spirit [Alternative]
Rain of Light [Alternative]
Snow White of the Red Apple
Apple Avenger
Magic Bird
Pilgrim of the Star
Reya, Spawn of the Star
Twinkle of the Star
Twinkling Dragon
Arle, the Seven-Tailed Fox
Arle's Flame
Groundsplitter Rabbit
Split Heaven and Earth [Alternative]
Lilia's Strike
Spirit of Scorched Bales
Water Spirit of the Lamp
Elixir, Crest Researcher
Research Results
Lykeion, the Magic Academy
Magic Crest of Wind
Abhorrent Revival
Darkness Servant of Ragnarok
The Battle Comes to an End, and Then...
Tsuiya, Cursed Spawn of the Star
Curse of Ragnarok