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Hero of Courage
Tera Thunderfish
Number Four, Anti-Magic
Fallen Angel of Terminus
Swamp of Sorrows
Wind of the Demonic World
Amadeus, Fallen Kingdom
Lenneth, Heroic Goddess of Guidance
God's Breath
Shakti, Mercenary Queen
Heart-to-heart Talk
Mariabella, Sincere Engineer
Valentina, Owner of the Theater
Pricia, Seeker of Friends
Pricia's Big Show
Rezzard, Attoractia's Leading Doctor
Rapunzel, the Long-Haired Princess
Tinker Bell, the Spirit [Alternative]
Rain of Light [Alternative]
Apple Avenger
Snow White of the Red Apple
Spirit of the Fiery Stone
A Duet of Water
Neverend's Roar