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Armed Suit
Batou & Saito
Batou & Togusa
Gary Harts
Ghost Meeting
Ishikawa & Motoko
Stan, the Good Helper
The President of Obsidian Inc.
Top Secret Document
Kusanagi Motoko, in Bodysuit
Apollon, the God of Light (Stranger)
Dignified Seraph
Red Illusionary Dragon of Passion
Ushuah, the Flame Samurai Swordman (Stranger)
Antorite, the Guardian of Deep Blue (Stranger)
Blue Illusionary Dragon of Calmness
Arthur, the Dead Lord of Vengeance
Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer
Artemis, the Goddess of Hunt (Stranger)
Heavenly Flash
Mikage Seijuro
Mikage Seijuro's Game of Dreams