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Brutal Majin
Dance of the Shadows
Super Beast Burning Rush!
Remote Control Beast
Holy Nova
Ishtar, the Great Goddess of Kindness (Stranger)
Sigrun, Valkyrie of Victory
Lord of Vermillion
Set, the Commander of Destruction
Wrath of the Flame God
Loki's Watchdog, Fenrir
Perceval, the Shining Knight
Chiyome, the Captivating Kunoichi
Shemhaza, the Fallen Angel of Sadism
Vlad, the Insatiable
Ancient Moon Dragon
Ares, Knight God Emperor of the Burial Grounds
Traveler in the Sea of Clouds
Yggnitsvay, Spirit of Laurel
Bird of Scorching Sand
Moon of Crimson Sand
Thunder Dragon
Fiendish Mirror
Ocean Beam