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Cinderella, the Valkyrie of Glass
Perceval, the Charmed Knight
Valentina's Zealot
Afanc, the Phantom Beast
Eureka, the Puppet Lord of the Seas
Magna's Guardian Beast
Agravain, the Hard Hand
Blessed Holy Wolf
Bors, Returned Adventurer
Galahad, the Son of the God
Gwiber, the White Dragon
Izanami, the God of Life
Life Profiteering Priest
Ouroboros, the Reincarnating Light Serpent
Remilla, the Librarian of Magna
Spirit of Goddess
Spirit of Memory
Barbatos, the Crimson Duke (Stranger)
Berserk Dragon (Stranger)
Draig, the Red Dragon
Familiar of Primogenitor
Fire Fox
Gareth, the Dauntless Knight
Heroic Spirit of Vell-Savaria
Keeper of the Future, Skuld