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Messenger of Odin
Tiger of Kunlun
Fenrir, Final Form
Loki's Watchdog, Fenrir
Huge Toad
Pygmy Hippo
Delphinius, Flying Giant Beast in the Sky
Bird of Scorching Sand
Fenrir, Second Form
Marine Beast of the Lost Isles
Three Beast Warrior, Eaglemi
Three Beast Warrior, Molemi
Three Beast Warrior, Tigermi
Graveyard Scavenger
Numbing Hedgehog
Bunbuku, the Legendary Tea Kettle
Flying Squirrel
Guardian Beast of Nature
Molmol, King of Rare Beasts
Bird of Fire
Black Spot Tiger
Carrier Camel
Desert Fennec
Jörmungandr, Little Eater of Worlds
Messenger of Death