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Deep Green Magician, Liz (Stranger)
Arwyn, Sealed God of Evergreen
Liz, Sealed God of the Island
Fire Bow Elf
Cecil and Tia
Ciel, Ancestor of the Priestess
Phantom Wind Fiethsing
Time Composing Elf
Wind Blade Elf
Laurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian
Secluded Village Elf
Ciel, Sorcerous Priestess
Elven Exorcist
Faerur Letoliel, Rallying King
Grieving Elf Spirit
Leaf Garb
Portal Magus
Commander of the Crowd
Elf in the Trees
Elvish Hunter
Faerur Letoliel
Faerur Letoliel, King of Wind
Faerur's Escort
Messenger of the King
Spirit Caller Elf