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Antorite, the Guardian of Deep Blue (Stranger)
Antorite, Sealed God of the Riverbed
Mermaid of the Misty Spring
Praying Mermaid
Dr. Mermaid
Mephina, Thunder Cloud Wizard
Mermaid Researcher
Shaela, the Mermaid Princess
Silent Mermaid
Crier Mermaid
Mermaid Visionary
Swirling Mermaid
[Variant] Crier Mermaid
Aqua Rifle Mermaid
Coral Reef Mermaid
Guard at the Coral Palace
Princess Shaela's Attendant
Shaela's Elite
Mephina, Mermaid Shaman
Mephina, Mermaid Shaman [J-ruler]
Angelic Voice Mermaid
Aqua Rifle Mermaid
Princess Shaela's Attendant