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Workshop Assistant Researcher
Swordsmaster of Exploding Flame
Bounty Hunter of Leginus
Paratrooper of Leginus
Swordsman of Otherworld
Veteran Warrior of Valhalla
Knight of the White Hill
Riina, the Girl with Nothing
Morgiana, the Wise Servant
Priestess of the Black City
Residents of the Black City
Milcell, the Clairvoyant Guide
Batou & Kusanagi Motoko
Batou, the Motoko's Buddy
Ishikawa, the Competent Supporter
Kusanagi Motoko, in Bodysuit
Kusanagi Motoko, in Relax
Purin Esaki, the Elite
Stan, a Former Army Infantry
Ada Byron
Android Harlot
Aramaki & Togusa
Aramaki, An Executive of the Public Security