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Charlotte, Future of the Sacred Spirit
Faria, Swordsmaster of Creation
Brad, Immortal Sage [J-ruler]
Brad, Immortal Sage
Mapmaker of the Demonic World
Residents of the Demonic Worlds
Abel, Top Two of the Light Palace
Grimm and Pandora
Lars, Sacred King
Lumia, Princess of Rebirth
Cain, Top Two of the Light Palace
Shakti, Mercenary Queen
Lunya, Master Guide
Mariabella, Sincere Engineer
Valentina, Owner of the Theater
Faurecia, Lady in Attoractia
Rezzard, Attoractia's Leading Doctor
Abdul Alhazred, the Possessed
Almerius [J-ruler]
Guardian Wizard
Rapunzel, the Long-Haired Princess
Zero, Apprentice Sage
Zero, Apprentice Sage [J-ruler]